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How to add funds
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How to add funds

How to add funds to your student’s account for meal and ala carte purchases:

  1. After you sign on, select “Lunch Payments” from the Lunch option on the menu.
  2. The school(s) and student(s) you have access to will be displayed.
  3. The balance of the student(s) on your account will also be displayed. Next to each balance, you can enter the amount of funds that you would like to add to the account.
  4. Once you have updated the balances as desired, select the “Create Transaction” button and you will proceed to the next step in the process.
  5. The next screen displayed provides an opportunity for you to make a final review on your payments, any fees, and your total before processing. This screen also enables you to choose which credit card you would like your payment applied to.
  6. Select “Process Payment” to apply the transaction to your credit card and to your students’ account(s). It may take a minute to get approval from your credit card company, please wait during this period. A message will be displayed to you indicating the status after processing (approved/declined).
  7. A receipt of your transaction will be displayed to you and sent to your email address.

IMPORTANT:  It is important to use the PREVIOUS BUTTON instead of the BACK BUTTON during credit card processing.  This is very common when using internet payment systems.  Complex process is happening behind the scenes to ensure data encryption and the safety of your information.  The PREVIOUS BUTTON controls an interruption in processing correctly.

Auto-replenishment:  If desired, you can also set up an auto-replenishment function on your student account(s) for ala carte purchases. This feature will replenish the student account and apply the transaction to your credit card anytime the balance dips to a certain level. Full instructions and screen examples are available on the “Auto-replenish Payments” from the Lunch menu.