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Medical Insurance Plan Options


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Medical Insurance Plan Options
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Who Pays First?

QHDHP stands for "Qualified High Deductible Health Plan".

Simply put, with a QHDHP, the individual tends to pay lower monthly premiums. With the Bradford Area School District, the monthly premium is $0, regardless of who else is on the plan (example: parent/child, parent/children, husband/wife, family).

Instead, the individual will pay more upfront (deductible) with the QHDDP, possibly out of pocket, when health care is needed.

A deductible is a dollar amount that an individual will be responsible for paying each year before any of the medical services they get are paid by their health plan. Once the deductible is met, health insurance will begin to cover eligible services and expenses.

PPO stands for "Preferred Provider Organization" plans.

Employees opting for the PPO plan will not have a deductible ($0) but will have a monthly premium based on who else is on the coverage (example: parent/child, parent/children, husband/wife, family).


15-16 and 16-17 Rates for the PPO and QHDHP are located to the right.

Please note that rates will, and are subject to, change each year.