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Volunteering/Chaperoning in BASD
Additional Pages:
Act 168 Form
Act 24 Form
I9 Immigration Form
Tuberculosis (TB) Test

The Bradford Area School District requires all interested volunteers/chaperons to complete the following items prior to working with students:

  • Act 114 - FBI Fingerprints ($21.35 for Volunteers): Link to Website - Service Code: 1KG6YE
  • Act 24 Form (Found to the right)
  • Three Hour Child Abuse Training Certificate of Completion: Register
  • I9 Immigration Form + Identification Documents listed on Page 3 (Found to the right)
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Test (Found to the right, only the TB portion needs to be completed - physicals are not required for volunteers/chaperones)
  • Act 168 Form (Found to the right - please complete one for each employer in which you have had direct contact with children)

For questions, or to turn in your completed paperwork, please contact Sarah Baker at or (814) 362-3841 ext. 2506.