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Physical/TB Papers
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In order to certify the fitness of employees to discharge efficiently the duties which they will be performing and to protect the health of student from the transmission of communicable diseases, physical examinations of all professional employees will be required prior to employment.

The physical exam paperwork can be completed by an applicant’s primary care physician if they have had a physical already done within the past year. Occupational Health can complete a physical exam but at a cost to the employee as they do not accept health insurances.

TB tests are completed to see if an applicant has ever been exposed to tuberculosis. TB tests need to be read between 48-72 hours after administration, which will require the applicant to return to Occupational Health within that allotted time.

Occupational Health at the Bradford Regional Medical Center (BRMC) is located on the third floor. Applicants can enter the doors closest to the Emergency Room and take the first set of elevators on the left.

To the right is a paper version of the Physical and TB Instruction Sheet to be completed prior to employment.