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Bullying Prevention Program
 Bullying Prevention
Bullying Prevention
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The Bradford Area School District adopted the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.  Our mission is to make our schools a safe and positive place to learn.  Our goal is to reduce and prevent bullying behavior among students and improve peer relations.


Bullying behavior is a single or repeated negative act (passive or aggressive) that is intentional and involves a real or perceived imbalance of power or strength.  Bullying can take many forms to include Cyberbullying; all of which have harmful effects.  Bullying behaviors can be physical, verbal or written, and emotional.


What is required to reduce bullying in our schools is a CHANGE in the SCHOOL CLIMATE and in NORMS for behavior.  This requires a COMPREHENSIVE school-wide effort involving the ENTIRE SCHOOL COMMUNITY.


1.  Build relationships with students to encourage reporting so intervention can take place.
2.  On-The-Spot Intervention.
       > Stop the incident.
       > Support the bullied student.
       > Address the student(s) who bullied.
       > Empower the bystanders.
       > Immediate and appropriate consequences.
       > Ensure bullied student will be protected from future bullying.
3.  Increase supervision.
       > Cafeterias
       > Hallways
       > Classrooms
       > School buses
4.  Raise student awareness.
       > Make students aware of our anti-bullying program and policy.
       > Review school rules against bullying.
       > Stress the importance of reporting incidents of bullying.
       > Establish a Bully-Free classroom environment as an expectation in every classroom.