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Human Resource Forms
HR Forms
HR Forms
Additional Pages:
Act 24 Arrest and Conviction
Physical/TB Papers
Act 126 Child Abuse Training
Act 168 Sexual Abuse and Misconduct
I-9 Immigration Form
Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form
W4 Form
PSERS Information & Checklist
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Employee Policy Manual Receipt
Request for Credit Reimbursement
Request for Master's / Master's Plus Salary Adjustment

The Bradford Area School District Human Resources Department supports the staff, students, and volunteers who have the same vision to educate for success, foster collaboration, and inspire excellence.

Whether you are newly hired or a current employee, a list of commonly used forms is located to the right under ‘Additional Pages’. Each link explains the purpose of the form, when to complete it, and how to complete the form.

If you have been newly hired, these forms should also be sent to the email you listed when completing the online application through Applitrack.

For additional questions or guidance, please contact the staff of the Human Resources Department.