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School Closing Process
 School Closing Process
School Closing Process

As the winter season approaches we would like to remind our families how decisions are made regarding school closings and delays.

1.  The process begins at approximately 4:00 in the morning.

2.  The following are consulted prior to making a decision to delay or cancel: on-line weather forecasts, employees living in outlying areas within the school district, local townships and municipalities, Penn Dot, area superintendents, and our Director of Transportation.

3.  When a decision is made, the superintendent begins the phone chain to notify our staff and non-public schools as well as the area television and radio stations.  We also post the closing or delay on WOWL-TV Channel 13 and our district web page.

4.  Although it rarely happens, there have been rare occasions when a delay turns into a cancellation.  It is important to keep posted after the delay in case school needs to be canceled.

5.  We cannot know the conditions on every street in the school district.  However, according to the PA school code, it is a legitimate excuse if a parent deems conditions impassable in their area and they choose not to send their child to school for that reason.  A written excuse must be brought to school the next day.

6.  We like to avoid dismissals because so many of our parents work.  Safety is our main concern and having small children home alone until their parent arrives is not a safe situation.  Only in rare weather emergencies would this option be used.  In most cases the students are safer staying at school until the usual dismissal.