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The Payroll Office computes and records the salaries, wages, net pay and deductions for each employee and ensures employees are paid on time.  The information is taken from paper timesheets as well as an electronic time clock located at the bus garage.  The office is responsible for calculating deductions, such as income tax withholding, Social Security payments, insurances, and union dues.  After the calculations have been carefully made and checked then the office prepares an envelope for employees to receive their paycheck and processes the electronic transfer of funds for employees who choose the direct deposit payment.  The payroll process is done monthly and biweekly dependent upon the employee’s contract.  Additionally, the Payroll Office prepares and processes all employee annual IRS W-2 forms, quarterly payroll reports and monthly PSERS reporting and payments.

Forms and other payroll information such as direct deposit and electronic pay stub program options are located under the Related Documents area at the right of the page.

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