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Superintendent's Corner

Mrs. Katharine Pude has been honored to serve as the Superintendent of the Bradford Area School District. A native of Kane, PA, Mrs. Pude moved to Bradford when she was offered her first teaching position and has called Bradford home ever since.

Prior to her appointment as Superintendent in 2011, she had held numerous positions within the district including Assistant Superintendent (in charge of Curriculum and Special Education) for eight years, Elementary Principal for Curriculum, Assistant Principal, Instructional Support Teacher, and Second grade teacher.   She also served as a Special Education teacher for twelve years at Beacon Light’s Alternative Education Program.

Mrs. Pude received her B.S. degree from Edinboro University in Elementary/Special Education. After teaching for a number of years, she received her M.S. degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Curriculum and Assessment. She then received her K-12 Principal certification through St. Bonaventure University as well as her Letter of Eligibility to serve as Superintendent.

A strong advocate of children and community, Mrs. Pude sits on a number of Boards within Bradford: Salvation Army, CASA of McKean County, University of Pittsburgh Advisory Board, Bradford Area School District Foundation Board, Futures Rehabilitation Board, Bradford Area Creative and Performing Arts, and the McKean County Collaborative Board and was a past member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

She and her husband, Bill, have raised three sons who all graduated from the Bradford Area School District- Jacob, Michael, and Dominic.

February 16, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The tragic events of this week have been emotional for us all, not just locally, but for the nation as a whole. It is impossible to understand why innocent lives were taken in such a manner and our hearts and thoughts go out to the entire Broward County Public School Community as they deal with this tragedy. On many levels, it has promoted an unparalleled fear of what can continue to happen anywhere in our nation. While we can’t control what is shared through the media and on social media, I would like to put your minds at ease on what has occurred in our own district.

An Administrator was informed of a message on social media written by one of our students following the reports of the Florida tragedy. Along with our Resource Officer, Administration was able to take immediate action. At no point were any students in danger. I’d like to emphasize how important this information sharing is in preventing a crisis situation from occurring, and would like to commend the student and parents who brought this to our attention. The District is prohibited under Federal Privacy Laws from disclosing specific disciplinary consequences assigned to students. However, I can assure you that student safety is the District’s top priority and that applicable District Policies and Federal and State Laws were followed in this specific matter.

A report by Michael Kozup, Director of the PA Safe Schools Department reminds us that, “Schools are an important place for students to receive support and return to normalcy. Communication and collaboration among schools, parents, and communities is critical to ensure that our students continue to view schools as safe, caring, and supportive environments. Further, how adults react to this tragedy can shape the way children and youth react and their perceptions of safety”. It is vitally important that the Bradford Area School District family, including staff, parents, community members, and local authorities continue to work together to ensure the safety and well-being of our children.

Although our District has a very comprehensive safety plan and extensive staff training on how to respond to active threats, we will continue to analyze our procedures and protocol to improve upon as many areas as possible. Again, our first priority as a school district is the safety and well-being of our students and staff.   Please call me, or any administrator, with any concerns or to clarify what may be a misconception. We need to work together in order to move forward and provide our students with the safe haven that is their due right.




Katharine Pude